We are a multidisciplinary team, with more than 20 years of experience in the market.

Our products and services are designed and adapted to the needs of each of our clients, in order to provide personal, family or patrimonial protection, exceeding the needs of the target audience and involving efforts that create a high impact on the final client.



Pioneers in the creation of proposal of value to our corporate customers allowing to turn our surroundings through satisfying and quality solutions.



Our high standards of excellency encourage us to make good use of our resources for the provision of services through constant training by our work team and anticipating the technological advancements at hand.

Honesty & Coherence

Honesty & Coherence

We act in every moment on the commitment and organizational culture to make this company with good foundations and favorable procedures, committed to covering the needs of our customers and giving assurance and confidence.

Compromise & Responsibility

Compromise & Responsibility

To provide the best quality of service in the face of different emergency situations, offering efficiency and professionalism in each procedure carried out, thus providing timely and appropriate responses to the circumstances.

Years of experience
Cases handled to the Year
Customers at Risk per Year

Our Services

We specialize in taking care of your customers, in order to give value to your products.

Our strategy is based on strengthening our product and service lines for our clients, which is why we develop, market and work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Latin America and around the world, offering assistance services that generate value.

Call Center

Call Center

Customer Service Center 24/7, 365 days a year.

Global Network

Highly qualified personnel anywhere in the world.

We speak your language

We provide assistance in your own language.


We have a proprietary and advanced technological platform, with a trained human team and in constant training to provide each client with the quality, speed, courtesy, respect and confidentiality required in the services we offer.

Quality Controls

One of the characteristics that differentiates us in the market is the quality control that we apply in each of the assistance we offer, both in the care and monitoring of cases, as well as the service provision of our Suppliers Network.

Network Services

Our network is consolidated with direct suppliers, which allows us to have a balance between quality and cost. Our services are negotiated before the benefit, allowing us to have greater control of assistance.

Quantico Assistance Services


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